Levels – Cotton Candy

The Dance Factory has a unique program for your precious one, boy or girl that includes combination classes that focus on general movement skills as well as teaching the beginning terminology associated with dance. We start your little one at age 2 and continue until the student reaches the attentive age when they can become part of the mainstream dance curriculum offered at The Dance Factory. Each combination class learns a routine for local performance stages and the annual Super Show.

&nbspThe ones who really like the stage can become members of our Dance Factory Performing Team. They join the older Dance Factory Performers in local community shows and parades.

The classes are 30 minutes to 1 hour per week and are structured to be fun as well as educational. Your dancer has a great time as they learn the fundamentals of dance. The students receive positive reinforcement through the use of &nbspachievement stickers and stamps. Your children will love learning dance when our talented teachers use music and movement to help them develop their motor skills.

In addition, we carry required dress code apparel as well as everything required for the very young for your convenience.