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Elite Competition Team

The Dance Factory Elite Competition Team dancers are intermediate to advanced dancers who love to compete. The competition team has dancers ranging from ages 4-18. They continuously place in overalls and take home special judges awards.

The Dance Factory Elite Team is open to all boys and girls who must first pass an audition where they are placed in competition level classes and viewed for their skills and adaptability to the team requirements. Being a member of this Elite Team requires financial and time commitment, but the rewards are limitless. The Dance Factory Elite Competition Team contains the most talented and well-rounded dancers who perform in local performances, competitions, and Finals. They train 6-10 hours a week. Some experience is necessary but you need not to be advanced to belong to this team. We train dancers who have the talent, drive, and commitment to excellence.

The Dance Factory Elite Competition Team is a great experience to have fun, meet new friends, and learn new skills that they can enjoy for a lifetime. Many of these talented young dancers wish to pursue a career in dance, either as a performer, educator, or choreographer, but this team is not limited to those with professional aspirations.

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